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released February 5, 2015

Statures is the music of Joe Donohue.

Recorded by Dante Fumo.
Mastered by Cory Schulz.
Drums by Scott Cary.
Violin on Track 1 by Michelle Pinnola.
Piano on Track 2 by Alan Brown.
Additional vocals on Track 2 by Kelsey Miller.
Album artwork by Tyler Mantz.




Statures Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Mambo No. 6
My intentions are not pure. My intentions are not true. My intentions will be self-destructive in the end. My intentions are cruel.

My attention is not on you. My attention is somewhere far away, on the other side of Lake Michigan, on the other side of the world.

So I'll hide my face in this pillow, cause I lost my breath up in the clouds.
Track Name: Mason Jar
We watched the smoke linger from the butts of our last cigarettes. How the smoke thinned as in danced inside that old mason jar.

We watched the autumn afternoon from the balcony. The sound of the wind replaced those words we could not speak. What was said was said and soon there were no words left. Your patio table was a fault line lying between us, gaping miles too wide to reconcile.

We watched the smoke linger in that old mason jar--thinning for what seemed an eternity--and yet, before we knew it, the smoke, like our love, had died.
Track Name: The Gladiator Soundtrack
My mouth is dry. My piss is clear. My laugh is heartier, but the intake is painful, because I'm laughing to keep myself from crying. I'm dancing to keep my legs from giving in. I'm drinking to keep my hands from clawing my eyelids out, because their insides are still painted with your face.